How To Live Like You Have A Million Dollars

By Hodan Ibrahim

I love conducting social experiments. I’m not the best at documenting my findings empirically, but anecdotally. And I do believe they are both equally valid ways of documenting evidence.

I want to ask you a question: If somebody were to give you a million dollars, what would you do?

When this question is asked, it isn’t so much the dollar amount that people care about, it’s what you can do with this dollar amount.

People may answer like this:

“to help poor people”
“to travel”
“to live the life of my dreams”
“invest it into myself, my education or a business idea”

These are typically normal responses. And I’m betting 9-10, you will get one least 1 of these answers.

So, here’s my next question: Why do you need a million dollars to do any of this?

“What do you mean? Because I’m not rich enough right now and don’t have the income”.

No, actually, the reason is because you aren’t creative enough. You assume that X amount of money will give you X, Y, and Z without realizing you can have X, Y and Z without that amount.

My point is, everyone should just stop running after a lucrative amount of money that is needed to do “insert bucket list here”.

You have everything you need to do in your disposal right now.

In fact, the way to make the money come quicker is to LIVE as if you have a million dollars before you actually do.

“To help poor people”, you say?

Go volunteer at a food bank, help out at a homeless shelter, work with a local NGO on community development issues

“To travel”

Go teach English abroad (a great way to TRAVEL and work) with low cost start up
Take regular trips outside of your city and discover something new

“To live the life of my dreams”

What do you want to do so badly that you need to put it off? DO IT NOW.
I’m giving you permission if you won’t give yourself permission. I promise you that there is SOMETHING that you can do right now to get it started.

“Invest it into myself, my education or a business idea”

Why must you wait to invest in yourself or a business idea? A investment is as simple as listening to a free business, wealth, or personal development audio book on you tube. You don’t need money to do that!
Every day you should ask yourself: “If I had 1 million or 1 billion dollars in the bank, what would I be doing RIGHT NOW?”

This is what you need to be doing.

This is your life purpose.

So how do you start living as if you have a million dollars:

Act as if you do right now.

About the author:
Hodan Ibrahim is a Muslim entrepreneur and also an active blogger. The Founder and CEO of Think Disrupt, managing Director at FWD MVMNT, head of Marketing and Product Development at UmmahHub.


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