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About the Product


But while “cheap” usually relates to “poor quality”, here is what you get for a mere $50. 

Then decide for yourself.

We Build Fast

We charge less because we build fast. Place an order, choose a template, answer a couple of questions on the content for your website and we will deliver within a day.

Responsive Design

All the templates that you choose will be responsive by default. 80% of all adults with internet access now have a smartphone. If your website isn’t responsive you might lose out.

Good design

We guarantee that your website will not go on the pages of Web Pages That Suck. We have a good eye for design and if you think this website looks good, we can build the same for you.

Your choice of CMS

For $50, we will build your website on the latest Bootstrap build. However, if you wish to use another CMS for your website, we can also install them for you af varying costs.

Fully customisable

Our base product comes with a few standard add-ons, which we will add over time. However, we also offer a multitude of extensions you can add to your website if you choose.


We only choose and work on templates that are coded well and according to the latest web standards. If you so choose to take your code elsewhere, your developer will be able to work with our code easily.

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